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19 Sept 1990


Atletico Madrid

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In October 2021 the long awaited removed of Mike Ashley was realised following the takeover of the club by the Saudi led PIF with stakes from Amanda Staveley (and her husband) plus the Reuben brothers.

The drawn out takeover was well document and the timing of the deal was as much of a surprise as the deal going ahead at all following fierce opposition from some of the major clubs in the Premier League, broadcasters and section sou the media (to name but a few).

After assuming the position (post take-over) as the 'richest club in the world, it was always going to be interesting to see what happened in the first transfer window under the new regime. Especially given their relative lack of time to prepare given the shock to all parties that the deal was passed.

So to land Kieran Trippier, with Newcastle United 19th in the Premier League at the time (and with Burnley, the team above them, having 4 games in hand at the time) was met with glee and amazement in most quarters. Not least as Trippier was signed from Atletico Madrid, a team who had won the Spanish League the season before and were in the latter stages of the Champions League at the point of him leaving.

You may well think that Trippier was not having the best of times in Spain, hence him moving to Newcastle. Far from it. His then manager, the infamous Diego Simeone confirming he did not want the player to leave, with Kieran being his long established first choice and title winning right back at the time.

Even more surprising was the price. At just £12m it was an absolute snip for an 'elite' right back (coming in to replace the hard working, but limited in ability, Javier Manquillo) who was still regarded as 'current England right back' at the time with 35 caps to his name.

You'd also be forgiven for thinking the move was solely about a huge pay check. After all, at 31 at the time of signing a 2.5 year contract and a decent signing on fee were certainly going to help. But the player, who had played for Eddie Howe 11 years previously at Burnley, was adamant 'People say it's about money, they're entitled to their opinion. My family is most important. I wanted a challenge and a project. I'm brave, I don't see it as a risk'.

If there was a way to start a new era as owners of Newcastle United Football Club, this was certainly it.

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