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Goal Machine

Whilst we may not be amongst the elite of European football leagues right now we thought it would be nice to have a look at just how well our lad Dwight Gayle was performing against the very best strikers from across Europe.

Our number 9 comes out top of the pile in terms of goals scored, mainly of course due to him playing more games than those in any other league. What is noticeable is that his goals per game ratio is right up there with the very best in any league. Indeed he actually has a better goals per minute that Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

And whilst you can point to us being a second tier team we do have a similarity with many of these players in that they are amongst a small group of teams dominating their own divisions in each of their countries which indicates that his strike rate really is very canny indeed. And at better than a goal a game it is no wonder!

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