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Now is the best time to quit SJP

As unpalatable as it may be to most fans of Newcastle United, there is no better time than now to contemplate leaving our physical and spiritual home.

We look at the options for staying at St James Park, including the possibilities and challenges of expanding our current ground, but also at why NOW is potentially the perfect time to explore the options of moving to a new home. All will be explained!

We start by looking at the landscape of English football and how it has changed over the last decade or so, and in particular what this has meant for the finances and stature of our beloved Newcastle United. We’ll then look at what a move could bring to our club and explore if this may mean a brighter future for NUFC.

English stadia and Newcastle United

Newcastle United currently have the 6th highest capacity in England. Down from 3rd even just a few seasons ago. And with development already underway for a number of clubs, and planned for others, we are set to drop to 9th in the not too distant future.

Given the plans we mentioned above, this is what the capacity of our rivals will probably look like in just a few seasons from now:

  1. Manchester United (Old Trafford; 76,100)

  2. Arsenal (Emirate; 60,432)

  3. Tottenham Hotspur (White Hart Lane, 61,000)*

  4. Chelsea (Stamford Bridge; 60,000)**

  5. West Ham (London Stadium; 60,000)

  6. Manchester City (Etihad Stadium; 55,097)

  7. Liverpool (Anfield; 54,742)

  8. Everton (Waterfront Stadium; 53,000)***

  9. Newcastle United (St James Park; 52,405)

*Work started

** In concept phase

***Land purchase commenced