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Season 17/18 in 90 mins...

Every manager has a style, usually adapted through understanding the strength (or otherwise) of their squad, and of course through analysing the strengths and weaknesses of each foe.

For those of us who watch Newcastle United week in and week out then the map below, showing when key actions happen over all our league matches this season, will be of little surprise.

The steady and considered approach Rafa Benitez employs for games can be seen through the distinct lack of activity in the first 40 minutes in comparison to the latter 50 minutes or so.

What's interesting is the period after half time. This being the most likely time for an opponent to score against United, whilst Newcastle’s desperation to perhaps stem this tide of pressure is also demonstrated by a glut of yellow cards in that same period. Strange to see such a turn in fortunes at this specific point in games given the organisational and motivational skills of our manager.

Make it though that spell however and it is Newcastle’s turn to apply the pressure, at least for 20 minutes or so before that dreaded feeling of hanging on sets in. Once more the cards flow, as do a higher proportion of opponent goals to those for Newcastle.

The ‘danger man’ stats also tell a story. Where is that 15 goals a season man we are so desperate for that would mean such a spread of goals across the team wasn’t so critical?

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