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If it wasn't so serious it would be funny!

Laugh or cry. Yet another transfer window creeks open then closed again for Newcastle United.

Never has being so ‘rich’ (I mean in a football rich list) ever been SO painful.

The Michael Owen joke has now become a ‘thing’ I believe for Ashely and his cronies. ‘Break the record and you lose’ must be the chat over a glass of something expensive at a casino table most of us couldn’t afford to sit at because the minimum stake is too high for our wallets. ‘I’ll take that bet’ says Charnley. And so it continues

Only this time, unlike the puppets before who bring themselves to almost look disappointed on camera before remembering who their paymaster is, we have a manager who knows this is about as low as it will get in HIS career.

We need Rafa far more then he will ever need us, not that Ashely cares, for all his hollow words! And but for the fans, it seems pretty clear, he’d have jumped this sinking ship an age ago. Do you ever think he just sits in a dark room sometimes and shakes his head?!

And when he (Rafa), Kenedy and Rondon leave next summer we will look again at the HUGE profit we made this summer and wonder ‘why didn’t they just give him a few quid’. No doubt they will wave some magic accountants wand at the books again and make it look like we should be grateful we could pay for the floodlights on a match day. But hey, without those, how are all those Sky TV viewers going to see all that free advertising.

It’s done now. £23m of profit in this transfer window alone, not counting the TV money, the new partnership deals, the sponsorship, the season ticket sales (with 20% uplift).

If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny.

And I’m afraid the ‘we are paying for the season in the Championship’ is, utter rubbish. Fulham spent £107m more than us this window. Just let that sink in!

So, I will, as ever, go and support the lads this season. But I’m telling you now… When Rafa goes, I go!

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