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It's Brucey! Come on Down!

The price was right for Newcastle United, after Steve Bruce and his team of little helpers quit their jobs at Sheffield Wednesday so that they could walk into St James Park on a free this lunch-time.

Joining on a three year contract United’s new boss said ‘This is my boyhood club and it was my dad’s club, so this is a very special moment for me and my family’. He went on to confirm his understanding of what the next few weeks and month has in store, saying ‘there is a huge challenge ahead of us, one that my staff and I are ready for’.

We’ll see.

Managing Director, Lee Charnley went on to spout some absolute rubbish, as if he gives a monkeys what happens to the club. Feel free to go on the official website to read that tosh if you wish. You can guess the sort of thing…

One this is for sure, Bruce was not the first choice. Indeed many believe he was not on the long list never mind the short list. But after everyone with any sense of pride or who cares about career progression had rightly laughed off Charnley’s advances, it took the pull of being a local lad just to persuade a bang average Championship manager to set foot into St James Park.

For their part, Sheffield Wednesday released a statement challenging the appointment and referring the entire matter to their lawyers. That is unlikely to stop Bruce from actually being able to take control of the team, but it will see United hauled through the courts once more as our tight fisted owner scraps around for every penny pinching morsels he can find.

Our favourite stats comes from - ‘Amongst the 33 managers to have managed 200 or more Premier League games, Bruce’s win percentage of 28.1% is the second lowest’.


We wish Steve all the luck in the world of course. None of this is his fault. But by god, how far have we fallen.



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