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IT'S DONE ... Premier League approve Newcastle United takeover ... #CANS

And so it came to pass…

#Cans, rejoice, gan radge, show your a*se in Fenwicks window!

Whatever you promised yourself today would be, make it so.

For today Newcastle United fans truly have something to celebrate. Hope for a brighter future for a football club that is a passion, a religion and even the centre of the universe for some.

After 18 months of hurt with the Premier League posturing and deliberation it has been, this morning, confirmed that the consortium, lead by Amanda Staveley, had met all of the criteria set and was free to complete a deal for the club.

The breakthrough seemingly the resolution of the formal legal wrangling between Qatar (and beIN sports) and KSA around the illegal streaming of Premier League games, with an announcement yesterday that a full settlement had been reached with all illegal steams blocked, and beIN reestablished in the Kingdom.

That means that Amanda Staveley and her husband Mehrdad Ghodoissi, David and Simon Reuben and most excitingly the Saudi Investment Fund PIF will now complete the purchase from Mike Ashley with his 14 year reign at and end.

The deal, worth a reported £300m in cash, now makes Newcastle United, on paper at least, the richest club in the world.






In years to come it is quite possible that football fans across the world will look back on today as the day that changed the face of football.

Today, those who care the most for this great club, those hardcore Newcastle Untied fans that have supported this team through thin and thinner, can have our moment in the sun.

Born in 1972 I’m not going to lie and say this is about as excited as I’ve been about NUFC off the pitch. The feeling reminds me of the day I walked out of work to buy the Chronicle on hearing rumours that Shearer had signed. Perhaps this is what winning something might feel like. Like Christmas.

And not Mike Ashley or the well publicised issues with Saudi Arabia’s human rights is going to steal this moment from me. One first of those things I will now do my best to forget about, the second I will deal with on another day, maybe tomorrow.

For today it shall be joy and hope that will make Newcastle fans stand a little taller, drink a little longer, and no doubt reaching for the headache tablets tomorrow morning.

It’s done!


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