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Fans Player Ratings by

Here at we don't really care about what some hack who spends most of his time sitting in London thinks about Newcastle United and our players. We care about what YOU think!

This season we will be conducting the biggest NUFC based player ratings analysis on the net, and we'd like YOU to be part of it.

How does it work?


After each game all we need from you is send us your player ratings for every NUFC player who made it onto the pitch. You just need to mark them between 0 and 10 based on how YOU think each player go on. Do so using either their name or number followed by your rating.

You can find up to date player ratings on the '2015/16' tab of this website.

How to I send my player ratings?

Even more simple!!

You tell us your ratings using one of three methods:

Twitter: Just send us the player number or name followed by your rating to @SSportsToon or @NUFCYOU

E-Mail: Send you player ratings to

Website: Visit this site, go to our 'Social' tab and leave us your ratings in the comments section.

We will do the rest.

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