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Half Term Report: Newcastle United

Half Term Report:

Name: Newcastle United

Age: 124 years old

Ethnic Origin: Black and White


A notable improvement this year from Newcastle after several years of not really paying attention and repeating the same direct approach to all problems. It is pleasing that he has more of a grasp of balancing elements and no longer moves to the back left of the class during every lesson.

Newcastle continues to show real weakness in core areas however and also did not start the year with all the necessary equipment required for working at this level. Even if he borrows some equipment from others he will need to address this issue over the Christmas period if he is going to improve in the second half of the year.

Mark: D


Newcastle started the year with a much improved positive attitude. His communication skills have shown the most improvement although towards the end of the term there were some worrying signs that he is not able to realistically represent the latest story he is reading, he can also be prone to repetition. I am pleased with the effort and commitment being shown to his work in this areas but Newcastle needs to focus on substance and not just the amount of work he is doing here in the coming term. Overall a decent effort as long as he addresses those more recent bad behaviours.

Mark: B

Religious Studies

I’m afraid that Newcastle continues to struggle in this subject. After several years of messing about in class and destroying much of our historic items he continues to seemingly be deliberate in his disrespect for this subject. Only this week one of the other pupils told us he was planning on defacing the school badge and when confronted he refused to even answer the question. This following the vandalism we have already written to you about. But for the fact that Newcastle is obviously ‘special needs’ he would have been removed from class a long time ago. For the record, his interim exam results fell again from 52% to 46% this term, a continued sign of his total disregard for this subject.

Mark: F

Physical Education

Newcastle’s start to the academic year was very underwhelming. He barely tried in most classes for most of the initial part of the year. For the most part it seemed the right side of his body had no idea what the left side of his body was even doing. Lately however his attitude has improved and this has been reflected in some of his recent work. Newcastle needs to continue this latest attitude if he is going to even make an average grade this year.

Mark: D, potentially a C at year end


Newcastle is in the bottom 3 of this class. I read with interest the comments in his other subjects and feel that it is a culmination of so many of these things that also has moved Newcastle to such poor results here. Must try harder in all aspects of his work.

Mark: F

Headmasters Comments

Newcastle continues to frustrate everyone. I now wonder if the potential we once thought Newcastle had will ever be realised due to his disrespectful and disruptive nature. Whilst there have been some small signs of improvement in his communication overall this term has once again been very disappointing. I find this even more frustrating as some, who have continued to stand up for Newcastle and vocally support him have once again be let down. It honestly feels like only a brain transplant will sort him out.

Headmasters Assessment: F with little or no hope of improvement.

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