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Expensive Points

We all know that this has been a dreadful season so far for Newcastle United Football Club.

Our analysis shows that overall profits at NUFC are very likely to raise slower than any other Premier League club over the next 12 months (even assuming we stay in England's top flight).

Indeed Newcastle are likely to drop from 7th richest club in England to 10th next year with Leicester gaining additional revenue from the Champions League, West Ham benefitting from huge additional income streams form their stadium move and Everton's new ownership.

We look at how Newcastle United have faired this season in terms of points gained relative to income.

The worst points per £ earnings is Man U this season. The best being Leicester who are miles ahead of everyone else showing again just how incredible their performance has been this season!

Before this weekends make or break fixture against Sunderland we currently take 14 points for each £100m we earn in revenue. And whilst the 'big 5' earning clubs take 5 of the bottom 6 places this is really due to the fact they earn SO much more than every other club, with Manchester United making £520m p.a. compared to Newcastle United's £169m.

Just as the league table, only Villa are having a worse season than we are thus far with nine games to go. Yet more evidence that despite the money spent this season we continue to perform well under what 'statistics' at least would suggest is our natural position in this league.

(Revenue statistics from Deloitte Football Money League Report January 2016 for those 17 teams who remain in the Premier League from last season)

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