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Deal, or no deal?!

Friday night brought headlines from The Mail and the local rag The Chronicle of: ‘Toon sale back on’.

A letter, apparently published in the full knowledge of both parties, is said to have been issued from the Peter Kenyon camp to Mike Ashley. In it, Kenyon seems to indicate that Ashley favours his bid to others he may have received and that the consortium is looking to progress things further quickly in the New Year.

A link to the full Mail article can be found HERE

The letter is said to have been issued just before Christmas, perhaps even before claims that the Kenyon camp could not then muster the funds required to buy the club after all.

Certainly for us the timing of this publication seems very strange. What has either party got to gain from such an article if, as claimed, things are progressing towards a deal. It smacks of a publicity stunt quite frankly, and whilst there will be those who cling on to the hope that this can be rushed through, allowing fund to be given to Rafa this transfer window, we just can’t see it.

We’d be delighted to eat a large slice of humble pie…


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