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Mitro DONE!

This afternoon brought confirmation that Mitro is no longer a Newcastle United player having completed his £22m move to Fulham.

The deal could see the fee increase to £27m with add ons and will be seen as a great piece of business by the Newcastle United Board. Quite whether strengthening a fellow relegation rival with a player they so desperately wanted just before the window closes is going to spell anything but disaster only time will tell.

The deal sees Newcastle now £35.5m in profit on permanent transfer deals this season.

‘Every penny’ said Mike Ashley.


The next 12 days will, no doubt, only prove to increase our utter contempt and anger at the Newcastle Board, whilst their actions (and those of the Boards at other clubs) seal our destiny irrespective of how good Rafa is.

Yep, we really are THAT furious!


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